About us

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

The WIN-Partners group offers a better quality of life to all and contributes to creating a rich society.

Our mission is to contribute to a better healthy life expectancy for all so that people can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our vision

We aim to be a leading company of the next-generation medical business, creating new demand and new markets.

As medical and information technologies progress, we aim to improve the earnings of both existing and new customers and to expand market shares, beyond existing medical services and business models. We welcome companies that share our corporate philosophy and take a leadership position to achieve sustainable growth and industry consolidation, which will lead to higher operational efficiency in the medical industry.

Origin of our corporate logo mark

Our logo mark “W” formed by blue birds of happiness,
represents partnership with people and companies.
Each triangle forming the birds represents each company of our group and changes the shape flexibly, symbolizing our philosophy to fly higher to bring better quality of life.