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To realize the Basic Policy on Sustainability, the Group prioritizes its materiality from an ESG perspective, and implements it towards specific action targets and KPIs.

Material issues

Materiality action plan

[Medical service supply]

Material issues Initiatives Action plan/target (KPI) FY2022 Results FY2023 Targets
Support for sustainable medical service system
  • Support to increase patients through utilization of information
  • Make proposals to increase patients based on market research
    • 50 proposals per year
55 proposals (110%) 60 proposals
  • Support hospital management through strategic procurement of medical devices
  • Propose improved customer earnings by narrowing devices used or reducing devices close to sterilization deadlines etc.
    • 110 proposals per year
155 proposals (141%) 110 proposals
Higher penetration and improved accessibility of minimally invasive medical care
  • Start up and support medical workshops and research activities centered on customer facilities
  • Support to enhance medical skills of doctors
    • Set up external study groups and seminars
    • Support doctors to study abroad or to participate in academic conferences
  • Support doctors to learn and use medical devices adequately
  • Provide latest medical information
  • Plan workshops and study groups
    • 55 plans per year
67 plans (122%) 55 plans
Promotion of DX in the medical industry
  • Support for promotion of customer DX
  • Make SINZOKUN (unique medical device management system) connectable with external systems and applicable to new technology including RFID to contribute to higher operational efficiency and productivity of customers
    • Operate SHINZOKUN on cloud in FY2022
    • Applicable to RFID in FY2024
SHINZOKUN has been partially operated on cloud Continue promotion of SHINZOKUN on could

Examine business opportunities
Innovation in the medical industry
  • Create new businesses collaborating with medical venture enterprises and start-ups
  • Collect information, exchange information with external organizations and perform feasibility studies in internal section
    • 4 feasibility per year
4 feasibility studies (100%) 4 feasibility studies

[Supply chain]

Material issues Initiatives Action plan/target (KPI) FY2022 Results FY2023 Targets
Sustainable medical device supply
  • Promote logistics revolution
  • Concentrate logistics and improve operational efficiency as a result of separation of sales and logistics due to the start of WIN Heart Gate
Construction of Win Heart Gate was completed in November

Test run of WIN Heart Gate has started since February 2023
Continue test run and expand the scope for application with full-scale operation of WIN Heart Gate scheduled in August 2024
  • Develop a new sales and inventory control system
Continue system development and conduct various tests for the launch in August 2024
  • Secure traceability and the stable supply of medical devices utilizing RFID
Preparation (tests and evaluations) for utilizing RFID with operation staring from August 2024
Resilient supply chains
  • Enhance business continuity structure with respect to system obstructions and infectious diseases
  • Update BCP factoring in a strategy for infectious diseases
Started updating BCP Continue considering
  • Review procedures in case of system obstructions
Started reviewing the procedures Continue considering
  • Practice and review BCP plan
Once a year

[Support for employee participation]

Material issues Initiatives Action plan/target (KPI) FY2022 Results FY2023 Targets
Human resource development to support sustainable corporate activities
  • Enhance human resource development and education programs
  • Promote increase in cardiac device representatives (CDRs)
    • FY2022 130
124 140
  • Prepare and review working environment for promoting work style innovation
  • Promote flexible work style
    • Utilization rate of staggered working hours and flextime
    • FY2022 60%
60% 65%
  • Enhance systems for promoting employee growth including reviewing the performance assessment system
  • Enhance education system
    • Utilization rate of level-based education lessons and education tools for self-enlightenment
    • FY2022 50%
58% 60%
Promotion of diversity to enable employees to demonstrate their skills and talents
  • Promote employment of female employees, foreigners and employees with disabilities
  • Maintain or increase percentage of female managers
  • Maintain 25% female employment ratio
39% 25%
  • Percentage of promotion-to-manager recommendations for female employees: 20% (3 years average)
31% 20%
  • Promote active female employee participation with KIRARIS (a support team for female employees)
  • Participation of female employees in KIRARIS meetings: 80%
95% 80%
  • Percentage of male employees taking childcare leave: 10%
37% 45%
  • KURUMIN certification in FY2024 (an enterprise regarded as “childcare supportive” by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Continue promoting Continue promoting
Respect for human rights
  • Enhance education on human rights
  • Thorough education on compliance and human rights
  • Percentage of employees attending lectures: 100%
100% 100%


Material issues Initiatives Action plan/target (KPI) FY2022 Results FY2023 Targets
Contribution to global environment
  • Promote decarbonization
  • Reduce unused and discarded medical devices
  • Reduction of entrusted inventories by central inventory control at WIN Heart Gate
  • Precise inventory control with new sales and inventory control system
Percentage of discarded medical devices: 5.5% Percentage of decrease in discarded medical devices: 2% in H1
3% in H2
  • Promote hybrid car introduction
    • Target 50% in FY2024
33% 50% in FY2024
  • Management of “clean energy” by installing solar panels and measuring power generation
Solar panels were installed at WIN Heart Gate in November 2022 Solar panels will start operation at Shin-Otsuka Building from October 2023
  • Paper-less operation
    • Electronic administrative procedures
Introduction of expense calculation

Compliance with the Act on Electronic Preservation System for Books and Documents Related to National Taxes
10% cut in annual print volume

[Corporate base]

Material issues Initiatives Action plan/target (KPI) FY2022 Results FY2023 Targets
Succession/continuity of business from a medium- to long-term perspective
  • Prepare succession plan
  • Formulate programs for next-generation management personnel
Formulated structure according to the plan Training of next- generation management personnel based on the program
Information security
  • Implement information security measures to ensure stable operation of sales and inventory control systems
  • Reinforce cyberattack countermeasures
  • Education and training through e-learning (once a year)
Continuously monitored with introduction of ransomware countermeasures

Conducted training for targeted e-mail
Reinforce cyberattack countermeasuresbr

Education and training through e-learning (once a year)
  • Enhance internal education framework
  • Enhance internal education framework
Prepared to introduce new e-learning tools Review of new education materials and provide education through e-learning (once a year)
Secure resilience for disasters
  • Enhance BCP in the event of disasters
  • Practice and review BCP plan (once a year)
  • Training using safety confirmation tools (twice a year)
Updated initial response manual and started examining overall flow

Conducted safety checks twice
Practice and review BCP plan (once a year)

Training using safety confirmation tools (twice a year)